To Create Your New Live-Brary Username or PIN

Click on this link

Click on the link in the top right corner called “My Library Account.

You should see the login form, which has two fields:  “Barcode or Username” and “Password.

Enter your 14 digit Amagansett library card number in the field marked “Barcode. 
Leave “Password” blank for now.  (These instructions will not work with “Local Use Only” patrons.)

Click “login.

The login form should now change, asking for a new password or PIN (and to retype the same.) 
Enter the desired password or PIN in the fields and click “login.

You should now be taken automatically to the Live-Brary account homescreen.

It’s recommended that you click on “Change Your Contact Information” and enter an email address. 
This step makes it possible to recover a lost password.

That’s it!  The password and username should be valid for all our online database services linked to
from our homepage (

To Change Your PIN/Password

Click here then click on “My Library Account” as above and login
with your existing username/barcode and password.

Once logged in, you should see your account information screen.
In the left hand column there is a link to “Change Your Password.”  Click this link.

You’ll be asked to enter the existing password and the new password (twice).  That’s it!

Once you’ve set up your account, be sure to check out a wide range of online research resources available through the Library.